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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Here we go

Here is a picture of our house from the outside. It looks really small but inside it is a lot biger. Here are some of the cats I feed and have basically been taken over by. Ok Today I have been a total mess. I just can't get anything right. I have not been getting enough sleep and I have been stressing out pretty badly. There was a lady at work who was fired for no reason. They gave another lady her position when they said they were making cut backs. Now they are going to have to hire someone else to do her job. I keep thinking I have to be on my bestest behavior and not get caught doing things I'm not supposed to. Jake and Spot are outside now. Every morning and evening is when I feel the worst for them. There are about 7 cats that are all over the food. It seems like they have to fight for it. We have a bulk head and I think I will shut the door befor I get the food. Then I can grab Jake and Spot to bring them to eat all by themselves. That might work.

I am also concerned today for Miss Mittens Pollypaws. She was not doing well. I think she is better now. I hope. Her mommy told me the vet thinks it might be a simple allergy or something along those lines. I hope so. Well I have to let Jake and Spot have a turn so hope to see you soon. Don't forget about my stupid Trivia. I have almost 5,000 visitors. If you notice you are that lucky one, I might be able to do something for that lucky animal.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Oh what a day

Well lets see. It has been too long since I last posted. I am just thrilled that I am here tonight. Lets start with some great news. The school my kids go to have a program that is run by the teachers. I can't remember what it is called. Well what they do is they put together their own money into a fund. Themoney collected is distributed to families who can use some help with clothing and shoes and jackets. That type of stuff. I got a phone call and they wanted to help out my kids. SO I was given a gift card to Target. We are hopefully going to go there tomorrow to buy new winter clothes. I am so thankful for the thoughts from all thouse who were gracious enough to put their own money into this fund. I can't even express what I fell inside for that. OK that is the good news. Now I don't think it is really bad news but it is getting colder outside and my kitties are forced to stay out. I need some input. What can I do to make sure they stay warm and comfortable?????????????/ I hate that they can not come inside. Joe has not even come close to even thinking about changing his mind about liking any cat. He says when he moves in the other cats that I feed (with out him knowing) have to go. I am going to try this weekend to start trying to find new homes for them. They do have their problems though. One of them is a great lap cat but isn't too much into being picked up. She's real good. One has a slight attitude problem but he's cool.The others are either ferel or the neighbors or just too skittish. We do have about 7 cats all together. I am really worried about my boys though. Any information you can give would be wonderful. Like I said I want them as comfy as possible.

Now here is some venting. The kids have not been listening to me at all. No matter what I say or do. My son is extremely hyper tonight. My daughter just won't listen. I hate days like these. I found out today that a lady I work with was fired as she was leaving for the day. I stop and think WOW! how can they just up and do that? She has a daughter that is not even 10 months old yet. That is just wrong. They expect you to give a two week notice if you are going to quit but they can't show the same respec. I find it completely fucked up. Oh I almost forgot. I got out of work early yesterday so I could register my car. Well I was unable to do so because the title is in California. I have to wait until it gets here. Anyway I was on the way home and I saw a car on the side of the road with a lady . I decided to pull over and see if she needed a phone. I pull up and notice she was holding her daughter. 8 months old. It was about 430 and starting to get cold. She told me she was there for about half an hour. People were driving by looking and pointing. No one stopped. Well 2 minutes after I got there someone else pulled over. We told him we were all set. A cop showed up to. He left. The tow truck showed up. I gave her a ride home. She met my kids I met her family. Her oldest daught is just starting to try and get a babysitting job. I think I might be her first customer. She is excited. Well out of an agrravating day came a friendship. That was cool. I forgot what else I was going to say so I think I will end it there on a happy note. Let me just say people can be such assholes. I ama just glad I was in no rush and stopped to help. Oh I think I might know why it is difficult for me to get online. The stupid cable that goes into the jack is broken. I have to get a new one. I can't figure how to upload the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

once again

I have finally made it back on line. I have heard many things some not so good and some good. Thjere are many friends out there who are having problems. I want to send my thoughts and prayers their way. I hope that everyone gets better fast. I am happy to hear about everyone's homecoming and hope that goes well. Well I have been in the new home for a little over a month. I am anxiously awaiting the day when Joe gets to move in. When he does that mean I will have more time to be one the computer and to be with my fuzz family. I really miss being able to post and to comment during the day. I have to go and check all the pictuers I have meiised on all my daily sites. Hope to see you soon.

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